Why bother with processes?

I expect many of you, on hearing the word “process” may have some bad feelings based on your experience. Perhaps there was gower-prgmngta critical point in your programme and you were side-tracked by someone telling you that you hadn’t gone through the seemingly trivial, but lengthy, check list on page 42 or perhaps the processes you had to use didn’t really help you and any feedback you gave just went into a “black-hole”.  That’s all very legitimate and this is indicative of “bad” processes.

This year Gower launched their 2nd edition of the Handbook of Programme Management and I was asked to write the chapter on processes. Good processes are key to increasing organizational maturity and hence business performance.  They are also essential if we are to manage through the increasing levels of complexity which face us; have a look at my two minute video  on why processes are becoming more important and  why we can’t ignore them.